Janice Cycle Instructor


Cycle Instructor

Jan started indoor cycling as a way to add more cardio to her work out at El Gancho. Once she started, she was hooked. She is now a certified indoor cycling instructor and excited for this new chapter in her life. Jan has been a student of Shotokan Karate and taught for her Sensei for a period of time and also taught a women’s MMA class. Jan has two horses and has given horseback riding lessons as well to support her horse habit. She has two children, a son at the University of Denver and a daughter at St. Michael’s High School. You may even see her husband working out in the gym every weekday morning at 6:00am!


  • Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification, Mad Dogg Athletics


  • CyclingMon 9:35 am - 10:35 am
  • CyclingFri 9:35 am - 10:35 am
  • CyclingMon 7:15 am - 8:15 am